Install zend framework 1.12 in windows 7

In this article, we will installing zend framework 1.12 in windows.
To install zend, you must :

– Activate mod_rewrite in httpd.conf on your apache.


– Change  AllowOverride none to  AllowOverride All in httpd.conf.


Ok, if you’ve done with above step,
Lets do the following steps :

1. Download Zend Framework 1.12.13 Minimal from http://framework.zend.com/downloads/latest

2. Extract .zip file to htdocs folder, then you can see folder name “ZendFramework-1.12.13-minimal”, change it name to “ZendFramework_Installer”.

3. Next, we will adding variable path, click start > right click computer > properties > Advanced system settings > switch to tab ‘advanced’ > click Environment variables > in System Variables choose ‘PATH’
add script below at the end :


4. Log off your computer

5. Well, we installing zend framework using command prompt.
Open your command prompt,

cd :c/Apache24/htdocs/


zf create project zf-tutorial

your project with name ‘zf-tutorial’ has been created.
you can run with url http://localhost/zf-tutorial/public

if you get error like this :

for solution, replace library folder in ‘zf-tutorial’ with ‘library’ from ‘ZendFramework_Installer’.



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