The mbstring extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration.

Yesterday, I have problem with phpmyadmin. I can’t access phpmyadmin and get a error ‘The mbstring extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration.’

the mbstring extension is missing phpmyadmin

That problem appear after i install other webserver (wamp) in my computer.

So, in my computer i have two webserver :
1. webserver apache2.4 (install manually with php, mysql, etc)
2. webserver using ‘wamp‘ (bundle).

I’m searching for the solution, and then i uninstalling the ‘wamp’ server, but the error still exist ‘The mbstring extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration.’

Ouh!, im confused ..
I also check whether extension ‘mbstring’ is enabled

enabled extension mbsting php

thats enabled ..!!!!!

whats wrong with my webserver?
Ok, i still trying for other solution .. heemm..

I think, when i uninstalling the ‘wamp’ server, the folder installation still exist ..

So, i change it to

And restart apache2.4, click start

restart apache

Open http://localhost/phpmyadmin


wow!! problem solved … yeeeaaah




If you can’t resolve with the solution above, maybe you have different problem :

1. incorrect name : php.ini > php.ini.txt

– Please check your php.ini. Is the name really php.ini ?
php ini wrong name

Maybe you forget to turn off ‘Hide extensions for known file types’ on Folder options…? 🙂
hide extensions windows

– Change php.ini.txt to php.ini
– Restart your apache

2. Wrong the extension PATH

– Make sure the path of extension_dir on php.ini is correct :
extension dir incorrect phpmyadmin
– The extension_dir located in :
path of mbstring extension
– If you made changes of ‘extension_dir’ PATH, please restart your apache


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