Change IP address in google chrome

in this article i will explain how to change IP address in google chrome.
We can change IP using software : SafeIP or Zendmate.


This is executable software, you must install before using it.
Download and install from


After installed, you can see like this :
change ip address in google chromeTo change your IP choose “Select IP Location”, in here i use “Orlando, Florida”.
Then click “Connect”. Right your IP has been changed.


This simple way to change your IP, download zenmate from


Then click “ADD TO CHROME”
change IP browser

After installed, click ‘Activate ZenMate’  :
zendmate installed

Click icon ‘zendmate’ in top right side > Change location zenmate change IP address

choose one of country to change your IP (i choose Germany)
IP has been changed

Right, your IP has been changed6

Now, test your IP in https://www.iplocation.net/ to check whether your IP address has changed or not? check your ip location




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