Host key verfication failed

I get the error “Unhandled error message: Host key verfication failed” when trying to connect to VPS using sftp nautilus (file > connect to server).
Host key verification failed

The error caused by file “known_hosts” in your local machine.
File “known_hosts” store a key authenticating when you connect to VPS using ssh/sftp. The key will be generated in your local machine and VPS.
If key matched, you can access it. If not, you can get error like image above.

Let’s fixing it !

1) Open /home/user (ctrl + h to show hidden file)
location of known_hosts2. Open folder .ssh and then you can see file “known_hosts”. Change it to “known_hosts.old”
file known_hosts in ubuntuHost key verification failed3. Try again to connect by sftp. File > Connect to Server and input your sftp location. If you get notification like image below, you can access your VPS. bingo! 🙂

connect via sftp in ubuntu

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