Composer problem : Token hidden on github

The problem ‘Token (hidden): ‘ appears when i installing yii2 framework via composer :
token hidden

We can resolve by creating an token via github.

1) First, you must have an account on github.com
2) Create a token from https://github.com/settings/tokens
3) Click ‘Generate new token’
generate new token
4) Type your description and select scopes like this :
description token
5) Click Generate Token
6) Then, a new token has been generated :
token has been generated
7) Next, we must activate that token via composer, type :

composer self-update
composer config -g github-oauth.github.com 23b8a7809e368788c4268b599ddaf486b2f764ef

At line 2, change 23b8a7809e368788c4268b599ddaf486b2f764ef with your token.
Token hidden on github
8) Delete applications that are not successfully downloaded by composer, (previously i install yii2 framework)
yii2 deleted
9) Now, install again your app :
install yii2 framework through composer

Hope it is useful !


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