Codeigniter 3 bug? Session lost after redirect. How to fix it?

Codeigniter session is lost after redirect.

I think this is a codeigniter 3 bug. I created a simple login page with Codeigniter 3.1.0, running on PHP 7.3 with apache webserver. When i click login button, session created and redirected to a home page. But the problem occured here. Session is missing after redirect to home page. I printed out the session by var_dump($this->session->userdata()); but it only shows array(1) { ["__ci_last_regenerate"]=> int(1690643484) } without any contents there.

Codeigniter session is lost after redirect

i then find out for the solution for a week. Finally, i know what the issue exactly is.. The issue is caused by: the length (as well as the name) of session cookie is not match compared to a logic in system/libraries/Session/session.php

If you open the cookie in developer tools, The cookies only have 26 of length.


Whereas in session.php, at the line 133-134, the code only works if cookies length is set to 40 and combination of the name only permitted in number (0-9) and letter (a-f).

That doesn’t meet the current condition. So we must change this line to

Codeigniter session is lost after redirect

I found that solution from stackoverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12240922/what-is-the-length-of-a-php-session-id-string

I just known, the session cookies length is generated based on session.sid_length and session.sid_bits_per_character in php.ini. For example, in my computer i now used:

  • session.sid_length = 26
  • session.sid_bits_per_character = 5

That means, the cookie will have max 26 of length (example: cae01o74tm54uejufuj0oj921o), whereis contains 5 bits per character (5 bits: 0-9, a-v).

So if you wanna adjust it, you can change on your php.ini. Don’t forget to restart your apache if you made any changes.

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